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New interior decoration materials

        The bane of indoor harmful gas

        Reported according to "first", "China's annual nearly 2.1 million child deaths caused by indoor decoration pollution, which mostly caused by formaldehyde poisoning. Aiming at this situation, a carbon can adsorb, decompose formaldehyde silicon new composite material, and is to consumers at home. With the rest of the removal of formaldehyde products the key difference is that: the polymerization molding material, can make a variety of shapes by machining carve the household adornment, installed on the metope of at home. That is to say, the effective adsorption and decomposition of harmful gases at the same time, it can have the effect of beautification and decoration. In addition, for products of professional experiment also found that the material itself with permanent negative charge, can adsorption PM2.5 fine particles, the material itself also has a non-toxic, no side effects, does not produce secondary pollution, etc."

        Rush to the mysterious veil
        It is understood that after the broadcast reports, media received a large number of telephone hotline, Beijing somewhere Chen said: "I is also do building materials, have friends can find I recommend, decorate of is so-and-so products with formaldehyde? The new material to solve the current across the industry's most urgently needs to solve the problem."
        The reporter understands, this material is called d card of stone (website, the "one hundred project" of hunan province distinguished experts, Yale university postdoctoral focuses on after 7 years of research and development, through in silicon carbon composite material, the load of different functional materials, makes the new material has adsorption PM2.5 and decompose the harmful gas such as formaldehyde, benzene, two big functions. The two core technologies are the world, first in 2010 invention patent certificate issued by the United States patent and trademark office.
        We at the national indoor environment and indoor environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection center for testing. D, according to the results of a 30 cm in length and homes card of stone products, in 4 minutes, can remove 15% of PM2.5; Within 24 h of 1 m3 of formaldehyde adsorption rate is 87%, formaldehyde decomposition rate is 50%. "Said Dr Focuses on" in addition, in order to let the consumer can see our products of the implicit function, also developed a lot of small experiments, including the praise stone adsorption experiment, the card of stone PM2.5 special adsorption experiment and card, decomposition of formaldehyde experiment and so on, consumers can do these experiments in terminal themselves, to witness the product of a purifying effect. "