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Happy to send to decorate material funds

       Home is the most important topic, and everyone has a dream house looks like, maybe you have a set of just hand the rough housing , and perhaps more comfortable you replace a set of second-hand housing , or if you just want to the hands of the old house to renovate . No problem , as long as there are renovation plans , you can sign up to participate to win a Dream Fund Homemart decoration .

       The professional activity as a decoration and building materials supermarket chains Homemart one -fifth anniversary celebration , will be provided to families in need of renovation renovation fund , round a "good home" dream. Activities in three phases , each phase will be selected from 15 families , were given by the Homemart provided by the " Dream Fund Homemart fifth anniversary decoration ", " preferential Homemart fifth anniversary decoration gold " and " Homemart fifteen anniversary furniture preferential payments . "

       Phase III :

       Happy to send funds decoration materials

       With the improved quality of life , more and more consumers choose green materials for home improvements, in order to create a healthy living environment. Homemart as a professional building materials supermarket , you made ??the following recommendations :

       Wall decoration materials : wood -paneled home wall using the area as not too large, smooth wall brush after the original water-based paint can also choose a new generation of environmentally friendly non-polluting PVC wallpaper, even with natural fabrics such as cotton , hemp, silk wallpaper as a natural substrate .

       Flooring : Ground surface wider choice of materials , such as floor tiles, natural stone , wood flooring, carpet and so on. Tiles generally do not pollute , you can rest assured to use, but if a large area with natural stone , should be used by the test sheet does not contain radioactive elements . Choose laminate flooring or carpeting , you should carefully review the appropriate product . The use of solid wood flooring, lower rates should be disseminated to buy organic binder floor .

       Top Material: bedroom storey is generally not high, can not do the ceiling , the original ceiling after smoothing brush waterborne coatings. If partial or total ceiling , it is recommended to use light steel keel gypsum board , calcium silicate board , board and other materials instead of wood Aitken keel plywood .

       Soft furnishings Material: curtains, bedspreads , pillowcases , sofa and other soft decorative materials , the best choice with high cotton content fabric , and note the dye should be no smell , strong stability and will not fade.

       Wood coating materials : wood products are the most commonly used types of paint coating materials , the room is well-known sources . However, the country has developed a number of environmentally friendly paint companies , such as Accor Grand Mercure cards, love cards decoration paint , Pigeon metallic paint , are not using benzene thinner, less pungent odor , volatile faster, by users.

       Activities are divided into three , each phase were prepared for " Dream Fund Homemart fifth anniversary decoration ", " preferential Homemart fifth anniversary decoration gold " and " furniture deals Homemart fifth anniversary of the grant" were provided to the five families , each lasting a total of 15 families , three total 45 families. Golden Dream Fund and preferential cash voucher forms , effective use of time: September 20, 2013 - October 20, 2010.