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Decoration materials to choose environmental protection into a consumer focus

        Consumers pay attention to environmental protection material 
        The reporter understands in the visit, more and more people attach importance to interior decoration, they not only requires building modelling beautiful, strong practicability, and particular concern for the quality safety to the bedroom. Mention living security, indoor environmental protection become a common concern. Many consumers changed the idea of buying before decorate material only pursue cheap, but tend to be more environmental protection material. "Green decoration, now to buy materials to environmental protection, of course." Shop is the plank of Mr Hu said, after decorating bridal chamber, have the old man and have children in the home, their resistance is relatively poor, not use environmentally friendly materials, will cause harm to the old man and the child's body, therefore, hu to decorate material to high environmental protection requirements.
       The consumers pay close attention to environmental protection material, the businessman is that the environmental protection decoration materials as a flagship brand. Reporter found later in the interview, many operating household building materials stores, products introduction on formaldehyde "0", "no radiation", "safety and environmental protection", "meet European standards E0 class" and other words, merchants also put relevant national environmental monitoring standard certificate in conspicuous position of the store, let consumer be clear at a glance. "Environmental protection coating and environmental protection furniture, sales are good, customers into stores to understand products, environmental protection always ask? After all, now people decorate is more important for your health." YiShi wallpaper sales staff said Mary. 
        Choose environmental protection material has the means 
        "Decorate house, want to reduce cause indoor pollution, the owners should choose as far as possible concise decorate a style, choose environmental protection decoration materials." Solid and decoration engineering co., LTD., chief designer Jin Haibo said, and introduces to the reporter about simple choose environmental protection material sense. First of all, when consumer is choosing metope adornment material, avoid large area is used wooden plank decoration containing formaldehyde pests. The wallpaper and paint is common in household metope adornment material, there are also some owners prefer to use plank decorates metope, but harmful substance content of the plate is more, environmental protection as wallpaper. Owners want to achieve the requirements of quality household, can pass wallpaper made of different materials, such as cotton, hemp, silk and other natural wallpaper as base material, not only environmental protection, and highlight the grade. Second, is the ground material of choice. When decorate the ground material sort is more, such as ceramic tile, natural stone, wood, etc. Floor tile less polluting, choose qualified through inspection, does not contain radioactive materials don't have a problem. Floor of wood of a lot of more phyletic, real wood floor, solid wood composite panels, reinforced composite board, etc. Jin Haibo explained: "the harmful material of wooden floor includes two aspects, one is the floor with adhesives contain free formaldehyde release a quantity is too high, the second is using various organic solvent, in the process of painting will emit harmful gases." He suggested that when buying wooden floor as far as possible to brand shop, quality assured. When choosing paint and coating, the choice of, in addition to the color and luster, the most important thing is to choose environmental protection coating. In addition, he stressed that no matter what type of decoration materials purchase, best to specify brand stores, brand agent has a series of test documents, can ensure the quality of the use of materials and environmental protection.